Email Marketing and Automation
Software with Done-For-You Service

(We build and send email newsletter campaigns for you. And more...)

Get More Profits. Save Time. Eliminate Tech Hassles.

We Do All the Technical Work for You

Tell us what to do and we'll do everything technical for you including these:

  • Emails and Newsletters
  • Autoresponder
  • Opt-in forms
  • Squeeze pages
  • Sales pages
  • A/B Split tests
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Initial setup & data import

You choose the templates, tell us when to send them, and also provide the messages.

Our System Can Work Like Your Genie

You give it a task and it does it.

It is that simple.

For example, you can tell it, "Send this message (subject, body, offers, images included) on Tuesday morning to all my lists and put a deadline timer for Saturday midnight on the sales page XYZ. Use one my favorite email templates". Our system would create an email, add a timer to the sales page, and send a message to the customer to review it.

There's only one catch: Our genie takes around 3-12 hours and does not respond instantly.

You'll love to know how we implemented such advanced software.

We're world's first to marry "email marketing and automation software" with done-for-you.

We combined the software with the remote worker model.

To ensure you get great service, we hire, train and certify remote workers who do the tasks for you using our software.

We take full 100% responsibility of the quality of the work (If the customer is unhappy with a task, the same person will re-do it free. If he/she is still unhappy, another person will do the task again from scratch -- that too free).

Beautiful Templates for Your Newsletters,
Opt-in Forms, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages

We offer a huge selection of pre-built templates for many niches.

Newsletter Templates

Opt-in Form Templates

Squeeze Page Templates

Sales Page Templates

We offer a huge selection of pre-built templates for many niches.

Reports Show Sales
in Addition to Opens, Clicks

The sales, opens, clicks data is presented in a way that
helps identify problems and opportunities for more profits.

The Home page shows the summary for 30 days. Please note it shows sales (very few email software has this feature) as well as opens and clicks. In addition it shows the results of A/B split testing of sending a broadcast message (again it shows sales, opens, clicks, etc).

The Subscribers page has menus on the left side for finding subscribers based on number of times a subscriber has opened, clicked or ordered. For example, you can get the list of subscribers that clicked a link in email "at least 3 times in 30 days".

Your 3 Benefits


Get More Profits

We set up your email marketing in the proper way, send emails newsletters regularly, and set up A/B split tests to find the winners. That is why you'll get more leads, more sales and more profits.

  • If you already have sales, you'll get more sales and more profits.
  • If you have a new business, you will start getting leads and sales, and be on the path to profits.

Eliminate Tech Hassles

Because small business owners are so busy, the technical aspects of email marketing are a real hassle. It is frustrating because it takes so much time to learn all the ins and outs and then send newsletters regularly.

When you let us handle your email marketing, you simply eliminate all the hassles associated with the technical aspects.


Save Time

Because you delegate all technical work to us, you save time.

Our experts do the technical part for a living and are well trained, so we take less time.

But, if you were to learn and do all this work by yourself, you'll likely take 2 to 4 times as long. You'll save hours that you can better use for growing your business and enjoying your time with family and friends.

How are We Different?

Others Offer Only
"Do It Yourself" Software

You do everything

You have to learn and do everything including designing beautiful templates, setting up autoresponder and opt-in forms, sending newsletters and emails per schedule, and analyzing results.

We Offer Software +
Done-for-You Service

We do all the technical work

We do all the technical work:

  • Provide beautiful templates
  • Set up opt-in forms and squeeze pages to get more leads
  • Set up autoresponder
  • Send your emails in timely fashion
  • Segment lists and use automation to generate more sales
  • Plan and implement A/B split tests to find winning newsletters, emails, opt-in forms, squeeze pages and sales pages that generate more sales

What you do: :

  • Select templates from pre-built beautiful newsletter templates
  • Tell us when to send the newsletters

Software Features
(And, How They Help Increase Sales and Profits)

Opt-in Forms and Emails

  1     Opt-in Forms

Opt-in forms are used to build your mailing lists.

If you have not already purchased hosting, then you can use our free hosting for your landing pages with opt-in forms.

But if you already have your website, an opt-in form is placed on it so visitors can enter their email address and subscribe to your list or newsletter. The visitor is then sent email messages with information, education, offers and sales. That is why people say, "Money is in the list."

  2    Email Broadcasts

Email broadcasts are sent to subscribers at the same time and can be used for time-sensitive information and also to promote a sale, announce a new product, or send a newsletter.

  3    Email Autoresponders

They are a sequence of follow-up emails that are automatically sent to each subscriber. For example, a welcome message goes out immediately on signup. The next one can be set up to go out one day later, another 2 days later, and so on.

Every single subscriber gets the same series of messages, whether 100 or 1000 subscribers join each day. Not a single email is missed.

That is what makes the autoresponder the single most important feature of email marketing.

Warning: Watch out for email service providers who don't provide the advanced feature of "Workflow Automation", and simply call the "Autoresponder" by the name of "Automation" just to confuse potential customers.

A/B Testing, Automation, Segmentation
Allows You to Get More Profits from Your List

  1    A/B Testing of Everything

A/B testing (also called split-testing) is the easiest and fastest way to increase profits. Every advanced marketer uses A/B testing.

Any 2 ideas are compared to find out which one gives more sales or profits.

  • 2 opt-in forms or landing pages (to get more opt-ins or leads, and build your lists faster)
  • 2 sales pages (to get more sales)
  • 2 emails (to test whatever ideas come to your mind)
  • 2 subject lines or headlines (to get a better response or more sales)
  • 2 prices (to make more sales)

  2    Segmentation and Workflow Automation (with Tags, Lists and Rules)

Segmentation means your subscribers are divided into various groups based on their interests, purchase history, and actions in response to your emails, postcards, etc. For example, tags can be "dog" for dog owners, "hot" for people who order twice in 3 weeks, etc. This data, along with the sales and clicks/opens, custom fields, etc., offers tremendous flexibility and the power to send more personalized and relevant emails/offers.

Workflow automation changes what messages are sent, based on whether a subscriber buys something, clicks a link, or opens an email in response to your message.

Launch, Sales & Squeeze Pages (with Free Hosting)

Includes free hosting - so you don't have to spend on hosting.

  1    Launch Funnel Pages

Product launch pages show 4 videos at the top which become available in timed sequence. Of these 4 videos, 3 videos teach something, and the 4th video offers your product or service.

  2    Squeeze Pages (with opt-in form)

Squeeze pages include opt-in forms and are used to build your mailing lists. Many pre-built templates are available.

  2    Sales Pages (with Payment Buttons)

Sales pages includes payment buttons, and are used get sales. Many pre-built templates are available.

Dollar-Focused Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting shows, for each email sent, how many were opened, how many links were clicked, and what sales $ were generated. The sales $ report is truly useful when you do A/B testing.

Ours is perhaps the only email marketing service to offer you all results with sales $. Others show you only opens and clicks, and as a business owner you know nobody can take opens/clicks to the bank.

Your Emails are Sent by SparkPost, that sends Emails for PayPal, Twitter, LinkedIn
(For Best Deliverability)

  • Rather than using our own servers to send emails, we use the world's #1 company to send your emails, so you get best results. That is our commitment.
  • We spend 10 to 20 times more to send your emails via SparkPost. To avoid this high cost, many companies use their own servers.

Real-Time Analytics Help Faster Decisions

  • You get real-time information regarding anything such as sales, clicks, opens, A/B testing data, etc.
  • Many companies still use legacy hardware and their reports get delayed by 20 minutes to hours.

Your Plan Includes All Features

All features including A/B testing, segmentation and workflow automation, email broadcasts and autoresponders, drag-and-drop builders for emails and webpages, open/click tracking, Dollar-Focused reports/analytics, etc.

Pricing Comparison

Why Is Our Pricing So Affordable
Even With Our Done-for-You Service?


Up to $392/month
Without Done-for-You Service

They don't provide Done-for-You service and so you are responsible for setting up everything, learning all the details, and sending newsletters. Some, like InfusionSoft, require you to pay extra for guidance in sending 3 broadcast newsletters.

Here is how much they charge per month for the best plan with 5,000 subscribers (Pricing as of 01/22/2018).

Provider Monthly Pricing
InfusionSoft $392/mo.
ActiveCampaign $349/mo.
MailChimp $50/mo.
OntraPort $297/mo.
VerticalResponse $260/mo.

Done-for-You Package

Only $99/month
With Done-for-You Service

15 to 20 years back, when InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Aweber, and many others started, they had to buy expensive hardware, software and expensive Internet bandwidth. And, accordingly, either their software became limited in features provided or they had to charge high prices.

Only people capable of $100K or million dollar launches could afford the high-end services.

But now, Amazon Cloud provides computing and database inexpensively as needed on a monthly basis. Further software development technologies are better today than they were 2 decades back.

All we did was use the modern technologies and focus to provide a Done-for-You service with important features that generate more leads, more sales, and more profits that can be tracked and measured.

Done-for-You Package

Email Marketing and Automation
Software with Done-for-You Service

Here is What We'll Do for You (Every Month)

In addition to providing the software with all the features, we'll do these tasks every month:

  • Add up to 5 new email newsletters for broadcast or autoresponder.
  • Set up or build 1 new opt-in or squeeze pages to grow your mailing list.
  • Plan and implement 1 new A/B split test to find the winning newsletters, emails, opt-in forms, squeeze pages and sales pages that generate more leads, more sales, and more profits.
  • A report which shows the results and the plan of what we'll do next month. You can optionally set up a call to discuss results or guide us.
  • Includes 5,000 subscribers and sending them weekly emails (25,000 emails per month). For most small businesses, this is more than what you need.

Custom Setup and Data Import Service

We'll also do everything required for the initial custom setup tailored specifically to your business. If you already have an email system setup elsewhere, we'll also import your existing subscribers, opt-in forms and autoresponder messages. If you would like the custom setup and import of data, please contact us after you sign up, so we'll get you the details.

Order Now

$1 for 14 days
Then only $99 monthly

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60-Days Guarantee

Get More Profits or 100% Money-Back

You will generate more leads, sales, and profits. If not, you can cancel in 60 days of purchase for a full refund of the most recent payment.

Because our experts will properly set up your email marketing, regularly send emails, and do A/B split testing (to find out which of two pages, prices or headline generates more profits), we are confident your leads, sales, and profits will increase.

It is that simple and risk-free to try.

When you order today, this is what happens next...

  1. You will get an email to schedule a "discovery call" so we can learn about your business and its exact needs.
  2. We'll set up and implement everything for you in a few days. If you are new to email marketing, we'll set up the system properly for your business including lists, autoresponder emails, segmentation with tags, rules, etc. And, if you're switching from another email service provider, we'll also import your subscriber list.
  3. You get a monthly report summarizing the work done and next steps. You can optionally set up a call to discuss details, guide or to just see the setup, your beautiful email templates, opt-in forms, etc.
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