You'll Earn More Profits

When Your Email Newsletters are Sent Regularly and Funnels Built Quickly

Most small businesses don't get the maximum profits possible from each customer because they don't have the time to take care of the business as well as implement email marketing and test funnels/offers.

When you delegate it to our experts, your work gets done on time and you make more profits.

You also save time, which is better invested in building business by focusing in your area of strengths rather than wasting in tech work.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Work Done

We do all the technical work required to send your newsletters on time as per schedule, and also do other technical work for funnels, pages, A/B test, etc.

Step #1 : You Delegate a Task

You delegate the task to our experts along with images and text language to use.

For example, you say, "Send my message (subject / offer included) on Tuesday morning to all my customers. Also, use one of my favorite newsletter templates".

Step #2: We Do the Task

In response, one of our experts builds the newsletter. Before we send the newsletter, you can review it and ask for any changes you want.

Step #3: You Review and Approve

You review the task, and approve it or ask for revision.

We take 100% responsibility to ensure the quality of your work.

If you are unhappy with any work done, the same expert will re-do it free. If are still not happy, another expert will re-do the work from scratch without cost to you.

Once you approve, we'll take the last step if any. For example, it may be scheduling a broadcast email to be sent or a squeeze page to be setup on our hosting.

If You don't Have an Email List,
We'll Set Up Squeeze Pages to Build Your List

For building your lists, we build the opt-in forms and squeeze pages. These can be added to your website or hosted on our own servers.

We Do All the Technical Work for Your
Email Marketing, Automation and Funnels

Build Beautiful Newsletters from Custom and Pre-Built Templates

Use pre-built templates to create beautiful email newsletters using your messages. Or, create your own design with easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

Timely Send Your Newsletters to Inboxes

Send your emails immediately or on schedule at a future date for delivery to inboxes.

Build Your Opt-in Forms and Squeeze Pages

Create opt-in forms and squeeze pages to get more leads and build lists.

Autoresponder Follow Up Sequences

Build autoresponder sequences of follow up messages to be sent to each prospect and customer at pre-planned intervals. These emails convert your subscribers into long-term loyal customers.

Set Up Powerful Segmentation

Use segmentation and automation using lists, tags, and rules, to maximize your profit from each customer.

Implement A/B Split Tests

It is real easy to implement A/B split tests to find winning subject lines, headlines, pricing, messages and images that generate more sales (test prices, headlines, images).

Free Hosting of Images, Pages and Funnels

Provide free hosting for your images, squeeze pages, sales pages and funnels. This means, you don’t have to wait for a slow designer or developer holding your promotions (agencies are known to keep clients waiting for 2 weeks).


Build Funnels with Upsell Pages and Downsell Pages (using 1-Click-Upsells Buttons)

Your 3 Benefits

1. Get More Profits

You'll get more leads, more sales, and more profits, because we set up your email marketing in the proper way, send emails/newsletters regularly, set up A/B split tests, and also implement your sales funnels.

If you already have sales, you'll get more sales and more profits from existing advertising and existing customers, without spending more on advertising.

If you have a new business, you will start getting leads and sales, and be on the right path to profits.

2. Save Time

Because you delegate all technical work to us, you save time.

Our experts do the technical part for a living and are well trained, so we take less time.

But, if you were to learn and do all this work by yourself, you'll likely take 2 to 4 times as long. You'll save hours that you can better use for growing your business and enjoying your time with family and friends.

3. Eliminate Tech Hassles

You'll save hours that you can better use for growing your business and enjoying your time with family and friends.

Surprisingly, the quality of work is better than most in-house work done because our experts implement email marketing and funnels for a living and so they are good at this work.

Beautiful Templates for Your Newsletters, Opt-in Forms, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages

We offer a huge selection of pre-built templates for many niches.

Newsletter Templates

Optin Templates

Squeeze Page Templates

Sales Page Templates

We'll Build Your Funnel with
the Sales Page Templates Above

We build your funnels using this funnel framework

Reports Show Sales in Addition to Opens, Clicks

The opens, clicks, and sales data, are presented in a way that helps identify problems and opportunities for more profits.

The Home page shows the summary for 30 days. It shows sales, opens, clicks for emails sent. It also shows the results of A/B testing.

The Subscribers page has menus for finding subscribers based on the number of times a subscriber has opened, clicked or ordered.

Software Features

Opt-in Forms & Emails +

Opt-in Forms and Emails

  1     Opt-in Forms

Opt-in forms are used to build your mailing lists. The visitors can enter their email address and subscribe. The visitor is then sent email messages with information, offers and sales.

An opt-in form is placed on your website.

You can use our free hosting for your landing pages with opt-in forms.

  2    Email Broadcasts

Email broadcasts are sent to subscribers at the same time and can be used for time-sensitive information and also to promote a sale, announce a new product, or send a newsletter.

  3    Email Autoresponders

An autoresponder is a sequence of follow-up emails. These emails are automatically sent to each subscriber as a timed follow up. For example, a welcome message is sent immediately on signup. Then, the next email is sent one day later, another email is sent 2 days later, and so on.

Every single subscriber in a list gets the entire series of messages, whether 100 or 1,000 subscribers join each day. Not a single email is missed.

That is what makes autoresponder the single most important feature of email marketing.

A/B Testing, Automation & Segmentation +

A/B Testing, Automation, Segmentation
Allows You to Get More Profits from Your List

  1    A/B Testing of Everything

A/B testing (also called split-testing) is the easiest and fastest way to increase profits. Every advanced marketer uses A/B testing.

Any 2 variations can be compared to find out which one gives more sales or profits.

  • 2 opt-in forms or landing pages (to get more opt-ins or leads, and build your lists faster)
  • 2 sales pages (to get more sales)
  • 2 emails (to test whatever ideas come to your mind)
  • 2 subject lines or headlines (to get a better response or more sales)
  • 2 prices (to get more sales)

  2    Segmentation and Workflow Automation (with Tags, Lists and Rules)

Segmentation means your subscribers are divided into various groups based on their interests, purchase history, and actions in response to your emails, postcards, etc. For example, tags can be "dog" for dog owners, "hot" for people who order twice in 3 weeks, etc. This data, along with the sales and opens/clicks, custom fields, etc., offers tremendous flexibility and the power to send more personalized and relevant emails/offers.

Workflow automation changes what messages are sent, depending on whether a subscriber opens an email, buys something, or clicks a link.

Funnels & Pages+

Funnels and Pages (with Free Hosting)

Includes free hosting - so you don't have to spend on hosting.

  1    Sales Funnels (with 1-Click Upsell Payments)

Sales Funnel builder lets you build all kinds of funnels with upsells, downsells, and 1-click “Add to Order” payments.

  2    Launch Funnels

Product launch pages show 4 videos at the top which become available in a timed sequence. Of these 4 videos, 3 videos teach something, and the 4th video offers your product or service.

  3    Sales Pages (with Payment Buttons)

Drag-and-drop builder, payment buttons (PayPal and Stripe), and many pre-built templates are available.

  4    Squeeze Pages (with opt-in forms)

Drag-and-drop builder and many pre-built templates available.

Dollar-Focused Reports & Analytics+

Dollar-Focused Reporting and Analytics

Our reports show sales in addition to email data such as opens and clicks.

For each email sent, our reporting shows how many were opened or clicked as well as the sales generated.

Top Email Delivery +

Your Emails are Sent by SparkPost for Best Inbox Deliverability

We use the world's #1 email delivery company SparkPost, which is also used by PayPal, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as well as other email companies such as HubSpot and Campaign Monitor.

SparkPost sends 25% of the world's total non-spam emails. This is our commitment to ensure that your emails are delivered to Inbox.

We spend 10 to 20 times more to send your emails via SparkPost, rather than using our own servers. To avoid this high cost, many companies use their own servers.

Real-time Analytics+

Real-Time Analytics for Faster Decisions

You always get real-time analytics data for everything: sales, opens, clicks, A/B testing data, etc.

Many companies still use legacy hardware and their reports are delayed by 20 minutes to hours.

Pricing Comparison

Email Software by Others

Up to $392/month
for only Software

No other email software company provides Done-for-You service and so you are responsible for learning all the tech, setting up the system, and then regularly sending the newsletters.

Some, like InfusionSoft, require you to pay extra for guidance in sending 3 broadcast newsletters.

Here is how much they charge per month for their best plans with 5,000 subscribers (Pricing as of 01/22/2018).

Provider Monthly Pricing
InfusionSoft $392/mo.
ActiveCampaign $349/mo.
MailChimp $50/mo.
OntraPort $297/mo.
VerticalResponse $260/mo.

Our Done-for-You Packages

Only $99/mo. and $119/mo.
for Software
with Done-for-You

15 to 20 years back, when the old email software companies were started, they had to buy expensive hardware and software along with expensive Internet bandwidth.

And, accordingly, either their software became limited in features or they had to charge high-prices that only people with $100,000 or higher revenue could afford.

But now, Amazon cloud provides computing and database inexpensively as needed on a monthly basis. In addition, software development technologies are more powerful and faster to implement than they were 2 decades back.

So, modern software (such as ours) is powerful and affordable at the same time.


Done-for-You Offers

Email Marketing and Funnels Software with Done-for-You Service
Our experts do all the technical work
(You provide the text & images)

For most small businesses, this is more than what is needed.

Item Gold
(Email Marketing only)
$ 99/month
(Email Marketing + Funnels)
$ 119/month
Software Capacity
5000 Contacts :
Includes 5,000 contacts. Each person is counted as one contact even if the same person is on many lists.
Unlimited number of pages, page views, visitors, opt-in forms, etc. :
Unlike other companies, we put no limit. Includes unlimited of these features.
Done-for-You (DFY)
DFY - 5 New Email Newsletters :
Includes building/sending 5 email newsletters from beautiful templates
DFY - 1 New Optin Form or Squeeze Page or Sales Page :
Includes creating 1 opt-in form, squeeze page or sales page.
For Platinum Only
Funnels Software and Done-for-You :
Includes building one sales funnel of 3 pages from pre-built templates (a $99 value).
30 days money back guarantee 14-Day Trial for $1,
Then $99/mo.
Order Now
14-Day Trial for $1,
Then $119/mo.
Order Now
Pricing for additional contacts: $10 per 1,000 additional contacts

Pricing for Additional Done-for-You (DFY) Services+

Done-for-You (DFY) Service Price
DFY - New email newsletter or opt-in form (using pre-made templates) $9 for each
DFY - New squeeze page or sales page (using pre-made templates) $19 for each
DFY - Funnel with 2 pages (such as landing page and download/thank you page) (using pre-made templates) $49
DFY - Funnel with 3 pages (such as landing page, upsell page, and download/thank you page) (using pre-made templates) $99
DFY - Funnel with 4 or more pages (using pre-made templates) $276 for a 4-page funnel
$69 for each additional page
DFY - Custom designed page (different from pre-made templates) with up to 2 revisions.
We accept order only after understanding your requirement/design.

Data Import and Initial Setup+

Data Import and Initial Setup

If you already have an email system setup elsewhere, we'll import your existing subscribers, opt-in forms, and autoresponder messages.

We'll also do everything required for the initial custom setup tailored specifically to your business.

Data import and initial setup is free if you have upto 2 lists, 2 autoresponders, 2 optin forms. If your data import and setup are more complex, then you pay an additional fee.

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